Search Meets Terminology

This demo has been created in the context of a presentation at the TCWorld 2016 conference by Felix Sasaki (DFKI / W3C Fellow) and Christian Lieske (SAP). The aim is to show how terminology related information can be used to generate rich snippets. This adds a new view on terminology data bases, providing new usage scenarios like search engine optimization.

In the form below enter either a TBX document (load a sample, or find further samples in the repository of TBX2RDF.) Alternatively, enter some text (load a sample).

If you want to convert TBX files, choose the input type TBX file. If you want to detect terms in text, choose the input type text with terms. To process the input, click on the bottom generate snippets.

You can validate the output e.g. with the Structured data testing tool or the Structured Data Linter.


This demo was prepared for a presentation at TCWorld 2016. The presentation slides are available here.

This demo and the TCWorld presentation have been supported by the FREME project, co-funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union, Grant Agreement Number 644771.